Saturday, October 12, 2013


prof. white said you can either laugh it off or cry silently when things go wrong. not sure if i can still keep faking the former anymore

Monday, July 29, 2013

the praised, great leader

the recent event really puts me in cloud nine, but the experience of the past keeps telling me to put my feet on the ground.
 it was a great day, no doubt. we were smiling and laughing the whole time. heck, I'm still smiling right now. like sadness from the past year has washed away.
I can't help it but to have high hopes.
Hope this time, it's for real.


oh, and happy birthday!

I'm so gonna miss that smirk

Saturday, June 29, 2013

dilema yang mengada

ok, so aku tengah dilema

aku suka shopping baju. no doubt about it.

but the problem here is, aku tak tau nak pakai gi mana baju2 tu!

nak pakai jalan2 mungkin tak practical sangat.

takkan nak pakai fancy dress gi jusco depan rumah?

nak pakai pegi kelas lagi la tak suitable.

lepas kelas pegi keje pulak

baju kurung berjuta tapi takat pakai gi baca yassin 3, 4 kali

balik malaysia ingat kot2 la boleh pakai gi kenduri ke

tak jugak. mama tak minat sangat pegi kenduri. =.='

probably destined to live in jeans for the rest of uni life

ps: belum cerita pasal kasut lagi. haihhh

i need an exciting life

Sunday, May 12, 2013

end with a bang

will write more about the grad night

but one of the best part of the night is when iman tersasul.

ihik :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

is it wrong to ask?

abah accident, patah ibu jari kaki

aku dah melalak tak tentu arah

is it wrong to ask for myself to 'go' first?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

panas dan sejuk

bergurau pun bergurau la.

sayang saya tak pernah bergurau.

That's why I took my time to say it, remember?

awak yang cakap dulu-dulu dah habis.

tak perlu kot nak publish kat semua.

kat blog ni pun awak sorang je yang baca

pencicit awak berjuta yang mengikut

maybe you don't see me like you once did,
tapi malu saya masih ada

I don't play with that word anymore. It hurts. Especially when it's a joke. Especially if the joke is from you. I'm still recovering. Not even half way there.

Friday, February 15, 2013

remember a story about a pink crocodile? yeah, me neither

I just did the inexplicable thing. I don't know if I'm going to regret this later, but I just can't help myself.

Wallahi I don't know how to let go.

You, my dear,  like the HeLa cells that stuck on the bottom of the tissue culture well. No matter how hard I use cell scraper to remove you, and trysinize you, at the end of the day, when the medium is all evaporated, I can still see traces of you.
And you, my dear, like HeLa cells, are immortal. The host may had died for 100 years, but the little pieces are still around, and growing exponentially.

So tell me. How?

NMR what the vhat??

that awkward moment when you think you already have what you want, but you keep thinking about the one that got away.

serious. wallahi

102 days before malaysia!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ouuuuuhhhhh lalalaaaa

my plan after final exams,

what I know I'll do instead,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wanna have a picnic together? week 10 random crazy biatch

You'll bring the homework, I'll bring the basket of food.

So, library is not one of my top choice for the place to study. debit dah tak ada, so I'll feel hungry ALL THE TIME. konon nak jimat, but there you go.  dekat 15 dollars spent on food kalau study kat library. senyum lebar je abang bertatu kat java tiap kali aku turun beli coffee and muffin. =.='

hoi, how i miss naked juice. but mahainya noks!

minum la air water cooler sampai kembung

#np pesawat-mirage
mood: indie

research paper tak siap lagi hoiiii~~

106days until malaysia!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

puff it once more

snow tengah menggila kat luar. and I am stuck here trying to finish this report.
perut lapar. harus pulang mencari makanan.

nowplaying: empayarmu-hujan

my morale is going down deeper each day. really need that boost.
or everything will be going down the drain.

until when you want to keep on blaming the fever?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

high fever makes me high

I miss those days when my mom taken me to the doctor and she is the one who answer all the questions and I would just lie on her lap in the doctor's office.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

penat memandang langit sepanjang malam, rupanya hanya 'slushie' menungguku di tanah

penat tengok cerita budak-budak scene yang rebel. wanna talk about teenage life? banyak lagi cerita remaja. bukan cerita budak scene rebel je. duh. realistic sikit cerita. the script was lifeless, actor was stiff. i know you were the 'mamat jambu' of the group, but please.

hipster. heh

ps: want that knee-high boots. fake ugg's dying, and dragging my feet along.
pps: forget it, pay your debt, woman. ugh

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

hi, still remember me?

it's about 5 minutes before midnight. before 2012 ends. before 2013 comes in and brings more joy for us, insyaAllah.
There were a lot of things happened in my life this year. I failed in some, I succeeded in some. I found love, and I lost large part of it. I've made it through my freshman year. I've lost my grandmother the day before winter quarter started. I still can't believe that 2011 was the last time I saw her. She knew that I love her pulut kacau so much that she made me the most scrumptious pulut kacau when I last saw her. I guess no more seeing Tokpok on the couch watching her favorite drama in the sunny afternoon when I go back to Malaysia next year.

I bet anyone's life is a constant battle. We win something today, but we may lose something else tomorrow, or we may just die the day after tomorrow. But all we can do to make the life worth living is believing that Allah is planning the best for us. Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti, kan?

So for 2013, I don't really have any resolutions. I'll just work harder to be better person, every single day, until these eyes are closed forever. It doesn't matter what year it is, or what age I am. Like I said, life is a constant battle.

Happy 2013.